A Quick Look - Justnotes

I’ve been using Simplenote for a while, though I have moved on to using plain text files stored in Dropbox for my longform writing (thanks to Byword. However, a new app for the Mac just came out this week that has me looking into using Simplenote on a daily basis again for quick notes that I need to jot down — longform writing will still remain in Byword/Dropbox.

Justnotes is a simple little app for the Mac that serves as a native Simplenote client. While there is always Notational Velocity and the popular fork, NValt, I have now moved to Justnotes for my Simplenote needs.

The interface is pretty reminiscent of NV, but it looks a bit nicer, personally. You get two panes — on the left, you’ll have your list of notes, and to the right, you will have your note. The best part, though, is the fact that you can double-click on a note to open a separate window with the note text in it — this is great if you find having the note list too distracting while trying to write.

Sync happens automatically and quite frequently, and if you choose not to sync with Simplenote, you can choose a separate location to save your notes to, including Dropbox. The file names may not be pretty, though.

Search is quick and always ready. Keywords will be highlighted throughout the note. If something gets deleted, it will be moved to the archive, just in case you need to restore it again. However, if you don’t need the note anymore, you can permanently delete it from the archive.

There are plenty of shortcuts that will make using the app easier. Support for tags and pinned notes (the star) is in Justnotes, which is fantastic, since NV doesn’t support them — yet.

It’s a fantastic app for those that use Simplenote, or are looking for an efficient, yet light, app that will be great for jotting down quick notes. You can even import your Evernote notes into the app as well.

For some reason, it doesn’t support Markdown yet, but hopefully that will change in the future.

You can grab it in the Mac App Store for $5.99, which is the introductory sale. It will be $9.99 after the sale period.


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