Apps I’m Using This Week

I love it when there are some great apps that come out during the week. This week is no exception! Some big and fun releases here, so make sure to check them out.

Popsicolor: A truly unique photo editing app — turn your photos into fun and messy watercolors! Get a pic, pick the colors, and choose between three different intensities. Makes some great images that will impress your friends and family.

Chrome: That’s right, it’s finally here! So far I’m enjoying using Google’s browser on my iPhone and iPad. Sync your bookmarks and tabs and omnibox data across devices, go through your tabs in a beautiful and intuitive tab view, go incognito, and more. Definitely pick this one up today if you haven’t already.

Cheddar: Simple and light to-do lists with Markdown support. Sync is incredibly fast, and it’s free to use with the option of upgrading to Plus for unlimited lists (free accounts get two). Give it a try and see how impressive this beautiful little to-do app is.

Matching with Friends: Not usually a fan of Zynga, but this game is a combination of Words with Friends, Bejeweled, and Tetris. It’s fun and challenging, and will definitely get you thinking! Give it a try and challenge me to a game if you’re interested (username: christyxcore).

Unstoppable Fist: Fun old-school arcade game featuring 16-bit graphics and an all-American rocking chiptune soundtrack. Simple gameplay that involves touching touch zones to attack, and you strive to get the highest score possible. Relive the arcade days with this game, right on your iPhone!


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