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Broomstick: A Way To Hide Unwanted Menubar Icons

While I love the convenience of menubar apps, I only have so much space up there on my 15’ MacBook Pro screen.

Fortunately, a young developer (he’s only 14 years old!) has developed a free app to help you hide those unwanted icons in your menubar.

Broomstick can only hide icons for apps that it currently supports, but you can submit an app to be included in a future update. Pretty nifty.

Make sure to download it and give it a try on your Mac.

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The 8-Bit Bumper For Your iPhone

The 8-Bit Bumper for your iPhone 4 and 4S

I really want this. You probably do too.

Get it here.

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What Happened to “Don’t Be Evil?”

Google Drive's Terms of Service

Google seems to like to come into the market late on everything — i.e. Google Buzz, Google+, Android, etc.

And today we have Google Drive.

I, for one, won’t be using this service. Google makes money by selling your information — why else are all of their services free to use?

And it seems that once you upload any type of file to Google Drive, they are free to use it as if it is theirs.

No, I don’t want that. I will be sticking with Dropbox, and I recommend you do too.

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Caine’s Arcade

This kid is truly a genius.

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Pocket Is Simply Amazing

I’ve been beta testing the app for a few weeks now, and it’s finally here — the new Read It Later: Pocket.

Quite simply: this new version is amazing.

Make sure to check out my full review at AppAdvice.

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500px’s New “Plus” Membership - Goodbye Flickr

In a move that should be a surprise to nobody, technology darling 500px is moving to take out Flickr with a new Plus plan. The company had previously held a high-level plan that was priced at $50 per year, but the Plus membership’s $20 per year pricing is aiming to hit Flickr where it hurts against its own pro-level plan at $25 per year.

I actually have heard of 500px, but never bothered to check it out. I had a Flickr Pro account for several years, but it ended last August and I didn’t bother to renew it. I haven’t spent a lot of time on Flickr anymore, and with apps like Instagram, I didn’t feel the need for another photo sharing network.

But then Instagram got bought by Facebook, and that changed everything.

So now I’m looking at 500px. I signed up for an account and will be giving it a spin. The Plus account does look enticing, and it’s definitely a better bargain than Flickr...

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Facebook Acquires Instagram

That’s why we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people.

Independently, you say?

Gowalla being acquired by Facebook sure ended up well, didn’t it?

There needs to be a better Instagram alternative. You know, because I don’t really want ads in my social photo sharing app.

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Drafts - Simply A Must-Have for Your iPhone

Agile Tortoise just came out with a lovely new app – Drafts.

It was originally scheduled to come out on Monday, April 9, but they decided to release it early.

Simply put, this is an amazingly useful app. It’s so good that it’s earned a spot on my iPhone’s home screen.

Check out my full review at AppAdvice.

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My Favorite Text Editors, Compared

I’ve started doing comparison articles over at AppAdvice, and I have a new one this week: text editors.

Minimalistic writing apps are all the rage these days, and there are just so many choices out there. I have done some heavy lifting for you, and picked five of my favorites, out of the dozens out there. In this article, I compare them all, side-by-side, with what I believe is necessary in a writing app. The result is this app showdown.

If you missed my previous app showdowns, you can find them here:

The Best Way To Email On Your iPhone

It’s The Battle Of The Read It Later Apps! Read It Later vs. Instapaper vs. Readability

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Hello Svbtle

When I began to see the Svbtle blogs, I knew from that moment – I want in.

And now here I am.

I will keep this introduction post short and sweet. I am honored to be here on the Svbtle network. The simplicity is perfect, and the design of the blogs are great – so clean and elegant.

As a writer for AppAdvice, I am mostly busy with writing the latest review about some hot new app, but lately I have been wanting to go a more personal route.

This Svbtle blog will be where I pour my thoughts in on various topics, you know, when 140 characters on Twitter just aren’t enough. I will also put anything interesting here that I want to share with others. I hope you find this stuff as interesting as I do.

Let’s get to it.

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