Product Review: Q Card Case from CM4

The Q Card Case for iPhone 4 and 4S

As much as I love my iPhone, I also can’t leave my wallet behind. But it’s just so much of a hassle to keep my wallet separately, because it’s just another thing to worry about. I would love to just remember my bag, keys, and iPhone, without having to think, “Did I get my money?”

Fortunately, there is the CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S.

This is a hybrid rubber and premium cloth case that provides fantastic protection to your beloved iPhone. It’s easy to get it on your device too — just push it in to the rubber and make sure that it fits snugly around it. Once it’s on, it just feels right.

The rubbery sides will provide added grip to your iPhone, and the “Natural Throw” buttons helps to provide an organic connection with your volume and power buttons. All of your ports and switches are easily accessible as well, since the case has perfectly sized cutouts for them. The case even provides a rubber lip around the front side of your iPhone so that the front glass will be protected if dropped face-down. The Q features a soft-touch finish so that it is easy to pull the iPhone out of your pocket.

The real magic, though, is the fact that this case provides a premium fabric pocket on the back for you to keep about three cards and some cash. While they recommend only up to three cards, it is actually possible to get about four cards in there, though it will end up being a very tight fit. However, there is a small thumb slot on the side of the pocket, which you can use to push your cards out.

If you use the pocket for more than three cards, then you may end up with a bit of stretching out of the pocket over time. However, it should still be secure enough to hold less than four if this happens.

The only negative thing about the Q Card Case is the fact that all of the colors besides black will be hard to clean if it gets dirty. That’s the only negative, so if that worries you, then you will want to snag up the black color. However, my personal favorite is the Pacific Green.

If you want a case that makes you not need to carry one more thing, then I highly recommend checking out the Q Card Case from CM4. It has become one of my favorite all-in-one wallet solutions for the iPhone 4S.

5 / 5

Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S from CM4 | $39.99


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