The Best Journaling App, Day One, Just Got Even Better  

I’m a few days late here, but I had to share.

If you are not using Day One yet, you need to do so now.

The update from last week finally added the ability to add photos to your entries. Now it’s not just a text diary, but a place to capture all of your memories, whether they are just you recalling your day, or visual moments you have captured with your camera. It’s perfect. Except for the fact that you can only have one photo per entry. Maybe that’ll change in the future, but I still find it fine for the time being.

Location and weather information is added as well. If you insert a photo from the past, the app will even pull geolocation and time information from the photo and use it for the entry. Nifty!

If you’re still using Foursquare, you can hook up your account in Day One so that the app can automatically check you in when you select a specific place in an entry. It’s pretty nice, so you don’t have to use two apps.

The iCloud and Dropbox sync have become even faster, so all of your precious moments are saved instantly and constantly, so nothing is lost. It’s great. Be aware that you will have to move your library if you are using the Dropbox sync, but there shouldn’t be too many problems.

I’ve been using the app multiple times in a day since the update thanks to the ability to record a moment with just a photo. I’ve done more journaling than I ever have before because of it.

This update is absolutely fantastic. Make sure to check out Day One on your iOS device and Mac right now.


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