Twitter’s Bullshit And Why I Backed  

I will say that Ben Brooks has done a fine job of summing up all of the Twitter news that went down today, so I won’t rehash it too much. You can see his post here.

I loved Twitter since I joined back in 2007. That was when it was a tight community of early adopters and other geeks and nerds. The kind of people I like to talk to.

Then, Ashton Kutcher came in to the picture and started using Twitter. Then celebrities joined, thus pulling in the “average” person to what was once a geeky haven.

Now Twitter is all over the place and they want to focus more on their official apps, which really suck, by the way. I mean, Twitter for Mac hasn’t even been updated since June 2011, and there have been two major OS X releases since then, and even a Retina MacBook Pro. Really, it’s clear where their priorities are.

Third party apps were what started Twitter and got it to where it is now. And today, Twitter showed us that they no longer want these. They will be restricting the amount of users that an app can have (up to 100,000 users, and can’t grow past 200% of that without “permission” from Twitter) and reducing API calls to 60 for each separate action, rather than the 350 total that it is now.

The focus is no longer developers and users, but just getting people to use their shitty apps and web view.

Today I joined, and it’s bittersweet.


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